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Strike Eagles, Typhoons, Hornets and Navy team up

A knife edge pass by a Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle. Sometimes, life is simple. (Image © Elmer van Hest)
A knife edge pass by a Boeing F-15E Strike Eagle. Sometimes, life is simple. (Image © Elmer van Hest)

The Royal Navy warship HMS Dragon, Royal Air Force Typhoons, US Marine Corps F/A-18 Hornet and US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles have put their skills and technology to the test during a recent joint exercise.

The goal was to detect, classify and monitor contacts on the sea’s surface in the challenging conditions of the Gulf. The Type 45 destroyer provides a complementary service to the highly manoeuvrable and effective Typhoon fast jet combat aircraft.

One of Dragon’s fighter controllers, Lieutenant Francis Heritage, said: “We received the help of a United States Air Force Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System, or JSTARS, aircraft to cue our fighters onto their targets. The JSTARS surface radar is incredibly powerful. When combined with our own organic sensors and those of the jets under our control, we can provide force protection over a massive area.”

The American surveillance jet fed information directly into Dragon’s operations room, allowing the destroyer to cue fighter jets onto their objectives. HMS Dragon is in the second half of her inaugural deployment, which is a mix of carrying out maritime security operations with the UK’s Gulf partners and contributing to the wider air defence of the region, such as when she joined forces with the USS Nimitz Carrier Strike Group a few weeks ago.

Source: UK Ministry of Defence

Best of the best flock to Lossiemouth

RAF Typhoon ZJ803 during an earlier training (Image © Marcel Burger)
RAF Typhoon ZJ803 during an earlier training (Image © Marcel Burger)

Seventeen squadrons, 50 aircraft from four air bases and a great location to fly. The best of the best of the Royal Air Force flocked to RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland, in July for the Combined Qualified Weapons Instructor (CQWI) exercise.

,,The CQWI exercise is looking to pass 27 students over 2 weeks to gain their qualification as a weapon’s instructor. For most of the individuals involved in CQWI it is their final exercise in a gruelling 12 month training programme. The exercise is held for pilots who are considered the brightest and best, allowing them to gain tactical appreciation of the aircraft and the significance of their role on operations”, writes a RAF press spokesperson.

The exercise brings extra life to the homebase of the Panavia Tornado GR4s of 12(B), 15(R) and 617 Squadron. Eurofighter Typhoons, British Aerospace Hawk T1As, Lockheed C-130Ks, Lockheed C-130J, a Sentinel R1 and Dassault DA20 Falcons were all involved. Some act as bogey, some provide intel and some merely focus on the training.

RAF Typhoons of 1(F) squadron will move permanently to Lossiemouth from September 2014.

Source: Royal Air Force

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