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Shandong pilot training lifts off with Cessna

Pilot training in the Shandong province in China will get a boost with new wings being ordered with the Cessna Aircraft Company. Following an initial order in April for two Cessna 127 Skyhawks, Shandong Hairuo General Aviation has placed a follow-on deal for another six aircraft of the type on 24 July 2015.

Shandong Hairuo General Aviation is based in Binzhou city in the Shandong province. The company is an authorized sales representative and an authorized customer service facility for Cessna single-engine aircraft in China. It currently operates a fleet of four Skyhawks and is looking to provide training for personal, commercial and airline pilot licenses with the additional eight 172s coming in.

The Skyhawk is one of the most popular aircraft in the world, with 48,000 in service since 1955.

Source: Cessna Aircraft Company
Featured image: A Cessna 172 Skyhawk in flight (Image © Cessna Aircraft Company)