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Air Force completes work on Marines’ F-35B

The US Air Force depot at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, has completed upgrades to two United States Marine Corps (USMC) F-35B Lightning IIs, just weeks before the type is expected to reach Initial Operational Capability (IAC) with the USMC. The upgrade works last four months and took 24,000 man hours to complete.

The work required maintainers to overcome numerous challenges, said a spokeperson. “They removed sections of the aircraft that many thought would never be removed, they strengthened wing ribs and worked in areas that required rare micro-tolerances.”

The first upgraded Lockheed Martin F-35B performed a test flight on 18 June, also using its Short Take Off Vertical Landing (STOVL) capability at Hill. The second aircraft follows this week.

Both aircraft arrived at Hill for upgrades in February, remarkably with less than a week’s notice from the USMC. The Marines are expected to be the first to reach IOC with their F-35Bs. Recently, six aircraft deployed to sea for extenstive testing.

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Featured image (top) An F-35B takes off from Hill Air Force Base. (Image © US Air Force / Alex R. Lloyd)