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Russian Helicopters on the move with Mi-17

Some interesting news about the Russian Helicopters Mi-17 helicopters in recent days. The first is the delivery of a second batch of Mi-171 helicopters to the Angolan Air Force. Besides that, as announced on Tuesday 29 March, it seems that Russian Helicopters is close to reach agreement for the long-term service contract with India for the Mi-17 types in service.

“We have conducted negotiations with our Indian partners and we plan to sign a contract that will lay the foundation for collaboration between Russian Helicopters and India in an entirely new way. The company is shifting from offering separate services to providing comprehensive after-sales support.  The possibility of such collaboration is now being discussed with the Air Force, Navy and border patrol troops of India,” said Igor Chechikov, Russian Helicopter’s deputy CEO at Defexpo India 2016. 

“For us, it will be the first long-term service contract with India.  Set prices and delivery dates for supplying equipment needed to repair our helicopters are among the advantages of this type of contract.  It will boost Russian-made helicopters’ after-sales system to a new level.”

Mi-17 helicopters in India

According to the preliminary agreement, Russian Helicopters will provide repairs to Mi-17 type helicopters and will supply spare parts for them throughout the entire life cycle of the rotorcraft.  Repairs of helicopters operated in India will be performed by enterprises belonging to Russian Helicopters holding company.

The contract life cycle is expected to be 3 – 5  years.  Its further extension, as well as an expansion of helicopter models covered by the after-sales support system, are also being considered.

(Image © Russian Helicopters)
(Image © Russian Helicopters)

Second batch of Mi-171s to Angola

Recently, a batch of 4 Mi-171Sh helicopters has been delivered to Angola. The helicopters produced by JSC Ulan-Ude aviation plant (operating as part of Russian Helicopters) were supplied in addition to another four delivered to the customer in 2015. The rotorcraft supply contract was concluded by JSC Rosoboronexport.

The helicopters delivered to Angola are fitted with modern flight and navigation equipment optimizing the flight profile and increasing flight safety.

The Peruvian Army also received a second batch of 4 Mi-171Sh-P helicopters in December 2014.

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Featured image: An Indian Air Force Mil Mi-17V-5 (Image © Russian Helicopters)

Bangladesh receives five new Mi-171 helicopters

The Bangladesh Armed Forces received five brand new Mil Mi-171SH tactical transport helicopters on 10 December 2015, manufacturer Russian Helicopters announced.

Made in the Ulan-Ude aViatin Plant the five choppers have been supplied including contemporary navigation systems to make them usable in almost any weather condition, day or night. The “Hips” – as the NATO-reporting name for the type goes – can accommodate up to 37 paratroopers, up to 12 wounded on stretchers or a cargo load of up to 8,818 lbs (4,000 kg ). In Bangladesh Air Force service the Mi-171 serves not only as transport, but also as search-and-rescue, medevac and training helicopter.

Bangladesh Mi-171 crash

The Bangladesh Mi-171SH order was signed in 2013 and is a follow up on two earlier purchases of each 3 machines. The Bangladesh Air Force is aiming at having 15 of the Mi-171SH in total, after another five were ordered this year. The quick calculators among you miss a 16th machine. True, that one crashed on Chittagong Airbase on 13 May 2015, injuring three crew.

Projected Hip-fleet

Apart from the SH-version Bangladesh also flies 13 standard Mi-171s, three similar Mi-17s and two Mil Mi-17-1V for VIP duties, putting the total projected fleet at 30 Hips.

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Featured image: One of the five newest Bangladesh Air Force Mi-171SHs (Image © Russian Helicopters)

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A Bangladesh Air Force F-7 landing at Hazrat airport (Image (CC) Faisal Akra)
A Bangladesh Air Force F-7 landing at Hazrat airport (Image (CC) Faisal Akra)

More Hips for Peru

Russian Helicopters recently delivered another batch of three Mi-171Sh helicopters to Peru. The helicopters were built at Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant in Russia. The delivery of the three helicopters follows in the footsteps of more deliveries, all part of a contract for 24 helicopters signed in 2013.

The Mi-171Sh helicopters are equipped with modern navigation equipment that makes for safe flying at any time and in any weather conditions. For longer flight in the highlands, the aircraft has been outfitted with more powerful engines and additional fuel tanks. The choppers are capable of winching loads of up to 300 kg in one go.

Peruvian personnel received training at the Aviation Training Center of Ulan-Ude Aviation Plan. After their delivery to Peru, the new helicopters took part in an annual military parade.

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Featured image (top): The Mi-171Sh-P for Peru. (Image © Russian Helicopters)

A look inside the official Mi-171 simulator

Russian Helicopters showed off a look inside its Mi-8/17 helicopter training facility at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. There pilots of Mongolyn Alt Korporatsya (Mongolian Airlines; MAK) and the Russian operators Angara and UTair are regularly trained for flight clearance.

The simulator has a flight deck copy of the Mi-171 (NATO name “Hip”), which is fully up and working since September 2013. Mongolia is reportedly very happy with it, extending its contract with the Aviation Training Center Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant (U-UAP ATC) for another two years until 2017. Flight crews come twice a year to Russia to undergo simulator training.

Ulan-Ude also provides technical training for ground personnel.

Source: Russian Helicopters
Featured image (top): Inside the Mi-8/17/171 simulator in Ulan-Ude (Image © Russian Helicopters)

"Hanging" on the side of the Mi-8/17/171 simulator at the Udan-Ude Aviation Plant (Image © Russian Helicopters)
“Hanging” on the side of the Mi-8/17/171 simulator at the Udan-Ude Aviation Plant (Image © Russian Helicopters)

The real deal: a Mongolian Airlines (MAK) Mi-171 airborne (Image © Russian Helicopters)
The real deal: a Mongolian Airlines (MAK) Mi-171 airborne (Image © Russian Helicopters)

Czech and Croatian helos train together to aid Afghan Air Force pilots

A new team of Czech, Croatian and Hungarian military personnel have started the work-up to train Afghan Air Force helicopter pilots together. The preps are being done in Ostrava, Croatia, and at Zadar’s Zemuni Donji Airbase, with flying activities and live-fire exercises with a Czech Air Force Mi-24V, two Croatian Air Force Mi-8s and one Mi-171 being done in Croatia.

Soon the joint, 20-member Air Advisor Team will deploy to Kabul to train the Afghan Air Force pilots in their own operational environment. Emergency and special situations were “flown” on the simulator in Ostrava, including the loss of both engines which is not really safe to perform when flying a chopper for real. Subsequently a two-week practical training followed in which standardizing operational procedures for both flying and maintenance are key.

From Zemuni Donji Airbase the team flies the four choppers in tactical approaches, including take-offs and landings with various loads.

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Featured image (top): The Czech Mi-24V and a Croatian Mi-8 together at Zadar (Image © Ing. Zbyněk Suchánek / Czech Armed Forces)

Croatian Hip airborne at Zadar with the joint AAT. (Image © Kpt. Skřivánková  / Czech Armed Forces)
Croatian Mi-8MTV-1 airborne at Zadar with the joint AAT. (Image © Kpt. Skřivánková / Czech Armed Forces)