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Ireland: CityJet takes Sukhoi jet

Ireland-based CityJet on Tuesday 13 October announced that it has agreed to take delivery of 15 Superjet SSJ100 passenger aircraft from Superjet International, commencing next year. The European regional airline is to take four aircraft in 2016, with an additional 11 delivered throughout 2017. The airline has also taken options on an additional ten aircraft.

Superjet International (SJI) is a joint venture between Alenia Aermacchi, part of the Finmeccanica Group of Italy and the Russian Sukhoi corporation. The airliner  seats 98 passengers and is the first aircraft in its class to offer five abreast seating. The aircraft achieved European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) certification in February 2012.

CityJet is one of the first Western customers to take the Sukhoi jet. Mexican company Interjet earlier in 2013 was the first to fly the type outside Russia. Sukhoi currently has a backlog of about 200 aircraft.

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Featured image: An SSJ100. (Image © Sukhoi Aircraft Company)


VivaAerobus receives first of 52 A320s

Ultra-low-cost carrier VivaAerobus has taken delivery of its first new A320 in Toulouse, according to Airbus on Thursday 14 May. The A320 is the first to be delivered from an order placed in 2013 for 52 aircraft (12 A320ceo and 40 A320neo). VivaAerobus already operates six leased A320s and will become an all Airbus operator as it completes its fleet transition from 737-300s by early 2016.

Including the first A320, all VivaAerobus’ A320ceo are powered by IAE engines. The A320neo will be powered by Pratt and Whitney engines. The aircraft will be deployed on the airline’s domestic network and international routes to the United States.

VivaAerobus, jointly owned by IAMSA, Mexico’s largest bus company, and Irelandia, a global low-cost-carrier airline developer group, has based its fleet renewal strategy on the A320 family.

To date, the A320neo program has 345 firm orders from six customers in Latin America. With more than 950 aircraft sold and a backlog of nearly 500, more than 550 Airbus aircraft are in operation throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. In the last 10 years, Airbus has tripled its in-service fleet, while delivering more than 60 percent of all aircraft operating in the region.

Source: Airbus

Sukhoi keeps Superjets coming

The company Superjet 100 (Image © Sukhoi)
The company Superjet 100 (Image © Sukhoi)

The Sukhoi design bureau keeps the Superjet 100 civilian airliners coming from its Alenia Aermacchi production facility in Italy. At least three steady customers received their next aircraft before Christmas.

The fourth Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100) landed in Mexico on 24 November 2013 for Interjet. This aircraft (MNS 95036) was rolled out from SuperJet International’s hangar in Venice and took off from Venice Marco Polo airport for the ferry flight to Interjet facilities in Toluca in Mexico. During its ferry flight, stop-overs were made in Keflavik (Iceland) and Bangor (Maine, USA).

By September the three earlier delivered SSJ100s to Interjet already accumulated 1438 flight hours and 1399 flight cycles through 7 destinations in Mexico: Mexico City, Torreon, Aguascalientes, Campeche, Minatitlan, Zacatecas and Mazatlan.

In the meantime the fifth and the sixth aircraft to be delivered to Interjet are currently under completion at SuperJet International’s plant in Italy. Interjet ordered 20 SSJ100 plus 10 options in the 93-seats (34’ pitch) configuration. The exclusive and comfortable interior are designed by Italian Company Pininfarina, very well known for its work in the automotive business like on Ferrari sports cars.

Sky Aviation
On 18 December 2013 the third Superjet 100 was handed over to Indonesian airline Sky Aviation. The SSJ100 with serial number 95031 departed from Moscow to the airline’s base airport located in the capital of Indonesia — Jakarta. Sky Aviation has already received two SSJ100. These aircraft with serial numbers 95022 and 95027 have completed more than 800 flights with more than 1000 flight hours.

Sky Aviation operates flights with the SSJ100 on routes connecting the numerous islands of the Indonesian archipelago: Pontianak (Kalimatan Island), Palembang (Sumatra Island) and Natuna Ranay (Batam Island). With the new SSJ100 the airline plans to serve routes to Surabaya (Java Island), Denpasar (Bali Island), Labuan Bajo (Komodo Island) and Kupang (Timor Island). Sky Aviation, based at the International Airport Halim Perdanakusuma (Jakarta, Indonesia), was founded in 2010 and operates scheduled and charter flights to Indonesia.

On 16 December 2013 Aeroflot gained its third Sukhoi Superjet after a ferry flight from the Delivery Center of CJSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft in Zhukovsky, Russia, to Aeroflots base airport Moscow-Sheremetyevo. The aircraft was named after the USSR honored pilot, a veteran of Aeroflot — Pyotr Khmelnitsky. This Superjet 100 with tail number RA89017 is ready to run commercial flights on domestic and international routes. Aeroflot operates the SSJ100 aircraft on routes to cities in Russia, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus.

To date, Aeroflot is the largest operator of Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft, with a dozen of the type delivered. They have performed more than 16,000 commercial flights with a total of more than 24,000 flight hours.

As of December 2013 twenty-two SSJ100 were delivered to Russian and foreign customers.

Source: Sukhoi Company (JSC)

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Third Superjet 100 for Mexican Interjet

Take-off of the company test bed Superjet 100 on May 22, 2008 (Image © Sukhoi)
Take-off of the company test bed Superjet 100 on May 22, 2008 (Image © Sukhoi)

The third Sukhoi Superjet 100 for the Mexican airline Interjet landed in Toluca in Mexico on November 5th, 2013. It joins two SSJ100 already in service with the airline.

The aircraft was rolled out from SuperJet International’s hangar in Venice (Italy) upon completion of customization and technical acceptance procedure on November 5, 2013. On the same day, the SSJ100, registered XA-JLV, took off from Venice Marco Polo airport for the ferry flight to Toluca (Mexico).

The airplane MSN 95028, flown by an Interjet crew, made stops in Keflyavik (Iceland) and Bangor (Maine, USA) before continuing to its end destination. The tow SSJ100s flying with Interjet for some time make an average of 9 flight hours every day. The fourth aircraft to be delivered to Interjet (MSN 95036) is currently under completion at SuperJet International’s plant in Italy.

The SSJ100 is a regional jet developed and built by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company in partnership with Alenia Aermacchi from Italy. It incorporates the modern Western technology and systems into a robust Russian airframe. It has a standard seating arrangement for a hundred passengers.

Interjet ordered 20 SSJ100s plus holds 10 options in the 93-seats configuration. The interior has been designed by famous Italian design bureau Pininfarina.

Source: Sukhoi

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