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‘Indonesia signs Su-35 deal’

Just days after China confirmed it is buying Sukhoi Su-35 fighter aircraft, Indonesia reportedly is doing the same. According to sources in Jakarta on Friday 27 November, the Indonesian government has agreed to buy 12 of the state-to-art, Russian made fighter aircraft.

The Indonesian interest in the thrust vectored Su-35 Flanker E has been doing the rounds for some time already. The aircraft should replace ageing Indonesian Air Force (Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara; TNI-AU) F-5 Tigers and operate alongside former US Lockheed Martin F-16C/D aircraft currently being delivered.

US offer

The apparant deal likely means the offer for the F-16V to Indonesia is to be rejected, although exisiting Indonesian F-16 could still be modified to F-16V , which is Lockeed Martin’s latest version of the Fighting Falcon.

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Featured image: The Su-35 Flanker E. (Image © UAC Russia)


Lockheed Martin promotes F-16V in Indonesia

Lockheed Martin is promoting its latest F-16 version, the F-16V, in Indonesia. The company showed off its F-16V cockpit demonstrator to the Asian country. The F-16V offers a state of the art radar and enhancements to the aircraft’s mission computer, vehicle systems, aircraft structure, cockpit and electronic warfare system.

The F-16V was first unveiled at the 2012 at the Singapore airshow. This variant is an option for new production jets and elements of the upgrade are available to most earlier-model F-16s. The new avionics configuration represents the most significant F-16 upgrade to date, according to Lockheed Martin. Taiwan is the first customer for the F-16V.

Indonesia already operates F-16A/B variants and is also introducing ex-US Air Force F-16C/D versions into its fleet.

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Featured image: An artist impression of the F-16V. (Image © Lockheed Martin)


Indonesian C-130 crashes into residential area

UPDATED 1 July 2015 | An Indonesian Air Force Lockheed C-130 Hercules has crashed today, 30 June, into a residential area in the city of Medan on the island of Sumatra shortly after take-off from the city’s Polonia airport.

Official sources later indicated the plane had 122 people on board and all perished, along with 20 people on the ground. Images show a burning two or three story building and remnants of the plane wreckage, including part of the centre-wing section and the tail. Adjacent and surrounding buildings are severely damaged. One of the buildings struck is reportedly an hotel.

Eye-witnesses say to local media that the plane was “off-balance” as soon as it lifted from the airfield. This may indicate there was a problem with the balance of its military cargo load or with engine power. Some sources say the plane’s commanding officer requested return to Polonia shortly after it lifted from the runway.

Home after several days delay: three Indonesian Air Force F-16C/D block 52ID aircraft. (Image © TNI-AU)
More F-16s to protect Indonesia’s north

The Indonesian Air Force (Tentara Nasional Indonesia-Angkatan Udara; TNI-AU) has seven older C-130s on strength, plus two KC-130B tanker/transport aircraft. Moreover, the TNI-AU is receiving nine former Royal Australian Air Force C-130H Hercules, which will put the total projected strength at 19 aircraft before today’s crash. The plane that went down today is thought to be an original TNI-AU example.

Hercules of the TNI-AU fly are all based on the island of Java. C-130Hs and a militarized edition of the civilian L100 version of the Herc fly with Skadron Udara (Air Squadron) 17 – tasked with VIP flights – and with Skadron Udara 31 out of Halim Perdanakusuma Airport of Jakarta. More C-130Hs, older C-130Bs and the two KC-130 tankers are flown by crews of Skadron Udara 32 Abdulrachman Saleh Airbase in Malang.

Sumatra defences
On the island of Sumatra, where the plane crashed, the Indonesian military is beefing up its defences – including the positioning of more F-16 fighter jets at the island’s sole fully operational military airbase of Roesmin Nurjadin in Pekanbaru 287 miles (462 km) southeast of the Medan crash site.

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Featured image: An Indonesian Air Force C-130H Hercules at Denpasar / Bali – Ngurah Rai IAP on 24 August 2012 (Image (CC) Andrew Thomas)

Four more F-16s for Indonesia

Indonesia received four more former US Air Force Lockheed Martin F-16s on Thursday 21 May. The aircraft were flown by US pilots and arrived at Iswahjudi Air Force Base at the end of a ferry flight that started at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, with stop overs in Alaska and Guam. The pilots were welcomed with a traditional ceremony.

With this arrival, the Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU, or Indonesian Air Force) now sees nine former US Air Force F-16s delivered. The first three arrived in July 2014.  Indonesia has a total of 24 on order under the 750 million USD Peace Bima-Sena II program.

The aircraft are designated F-16C/D block 52ID and are operated by 3 squadron at at Iswahjudi airbase. The program suffered a setback on when on 16 april one of the F-16Cs caught fire and was badly burned.

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Featured image (top) An Indonesian F-16C seen after refurbishment at Hill Air Force Base.
(Image © TNI-AU)

More F-16s to protect Indonesia’s north

The Indonesian Air Force is only a month away from inducting the next five Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Fighting Falcon jets at Roesmin Nurjadin Airbase in Pekanbaru on the island of Sumatra. With the planned arrival in May, Air Squadron 12 (Skadron Udara 12) of the Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Udara (TNI-AU, or Indonesian Air Force) will be able to offer what it was planned to do: to protect and control the more northern Indonesian airspace and the straight between Sumatra and neighbouring Malaysia and Singapore.

A pair of Indonesian F-16Bs over Pesawat (Image © TNI-AU)
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Pekanbaru is already home to five F-16s, the first arrived in July 2014, and sixteen Hawk Mk109 / Hawk Mk209 of Air Squadron 12 (Skadron Udara 12).

Named the Peace Bima-Sena II deal Indonesia has bought 24 ex-USAF F-16s, updated to Block 52ID and the addition of a drag chute to break quicker on shorter runways.

According to Indonesian sources Pekanbaru will get 16 F-16s, but it isn’t clear to us at Airheadsfly.com yet if that’ll mean 16 of the new 24 or that some of the older F-16A/Bs will head to central Sumatra as well. Other new F-16s are planned to go to Iswahjudi Airbase’s Air Squadron 3 (Skadron Udara 3), which already flies the older A and B models.

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Featured image: The arrival of the first three F-16C/D Block 52IDs at Pekanbaru in July 2014 (Image © TNI-AU)