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Romanian F-16s to be based strategically

Romania has revealed which airbase will be the home of the country’s new dozen second-hand Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter aircraft. Fetesti will be upgraded for at least 32 million euro – mostly paid for by NATO – to accommodate the new fighter squadron, the government has acknowledged on 13 May 2015. Meanwhile, four Portuguese F-16s have temporarily deployed to Romania.

The base strategically located between Constanta on the Black Sea Coast (48 miles or 77 km) and the capital of Bucharest (80 miles or 130 km) further west. The base with only one runway (north-south) and one major taxiway has been very much run down and is not up to NATO standard (yet). The upgrades will include the hangars, shelters, fuel tanks and the ammunition bunkers.

Romania bought 9 ex-Portuguese Air Force F-16s and three ex-US stock Vipers in 2013. Romanian crews are training as we speak at 5 Air Base in Monte Real in Portugal, where the first Romanian pilots went solo in November last year. In 2016 the F-16s and their crews should reach operational capability at Fetesti.

Furthermore, four Portuguese F-16s from Monte Real arrived at the Romanian Air Force’s 71st Air Base in Câmpia Turziin on 4 May. They are deployed here as part of joint training mission Falcon Defence 2015. The Portuguese are to stay until 30 June.

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Featured image: A Portuguese Air Force F-16s similar to the ones Romania has bought (Image © Força Aérea Portuguesa)