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After bankrupcy: new “Estonian Airlines” on its way

If everything goes according to plan Estonia will get its new, national carrier. After EU rules killed Estonian Air in November 2015, published earlier on Airheadsfly.com, plans have been made to bring new glory to the Baltic republic’s aviation.

Star of the new fleet will be a Bombardier CRJ 900, planned to operate alongside smaller CRJ 700s in a fleet of four to six aircraft. The new airline will get its own brand name and livery, but in reality it will likely be flown by an existing company – or a new one to divide risks and play by the EU rules. Such construction is common not only in aviation, but even in Scandinavian public transport systems like the one of Stockholm. The name of the new airline is not known yet, but Nordic Aviation or Estonian Regional Jet are two circulating in Scandinavian and Baltic media.

Adria Airways

After Estonia Air filed for bankrupcy Adria Airways jumped in to provide Estonia with its necessary air traffic connections with the outside world, while Air Baltic has been trying to scoop up some of the passengers. According to sources in Tallinn, the new “Estonian Airlines” is planned to be up and running by year’s end at the latest.

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Featured image: A CRJ 900 of Adria Airways, the same type will be the flagship of the new “Estonian Airlines” (Image © Bombardier)