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Yet more new Western aircraft for Iran Air

Following last week’s order for 118 Airbus airliners, Iran on Monday 1 February ordered yet more new Western-made aircraft. This time, it’s 20 new ATR 72-600s plus options for 20 more in a contract worth 1 billion EUR.

According to ATR Aircraft, the deal marks the arrival of the newest generation ATRs in Iran, where the first ATR turboprops have been operating since 1992. The aircraft manufacturers sees potential for even more regional growth.

Patrick de Castelbajac, Chief Executive Officer of ATR, said: “We are honored to take part in this new era in Iran by providing the national airline with aircraft that will strongly contribute to reinforce and boost regional transportation across the country. We are pleased to offer to the passengers of Iran Air the highest standards of comfort and reliability, as well as the outstanding operational flexibility of the ATR 72-600s”.

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Featured image: Computer rendering of an Iran Air ATR 72-600 (Image © ATR Aircraft)

ATR does nice business with Stockholm

Braathens Aviation, a regional North Scandinavian airliner with its headquarters in Stockholm, is expanding. It converted four options on ATR 72-600s into firm orders, ATR announced on 14 December 2015.

The four options are from a deal made during the Paris Air Show in June 2015, that already included five aircraft and holds another six options not converted yet.


Braathens Regional will operate the aircraft to and from Stockholm-Bromma airport, situated close to the city center of the Swedish capital. The 600s will be introduced from now until the end of 2016.

The end is near for the Saab 2000 in Braathens service. Seen here landing at Stockholm-Arlanda in March 2015 (Image © Marcel Burger)
The end is near for the Saab 2000 in Braathens service. Seen here landing at Stockholm-Arlanda in March 2015 (Image © Marcel Burger)

Saab 2000

The new aircraft feature Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) and Localizer Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) capability to make navigation and landing much easier. The aircraft are powered with PW127M engines, which can operate with biofuel. With the arrival of the nine ATR 72-600s the end is near for the Saab 2000s in the Braathens fleet. The airliner plans even to retire the 72-500s and replace those with 600s in a second phase.

Currently 275 ATR aircraft fly with 60 airlines in 25 European countries. The type can fly up to 78 passengers over 900 nautical miles (1,665 km) of distance.

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Featured image (top): A pre-series ATR 72-600 taking off from Lugano-Agno Airport in Switzerland (Image © ATR)

More ATR for Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand and European turboprop aircraft manufacturer ATR on Friday 6 November signed a contract for the purchase of 15 additional ATR 72-600s. The deal is valued at some 375 million USD. The airline, which ordered seven ATR 72-600s in 2011, had already exercised all of its five options as well as converted two purchase rights into firm orders. With the arrival of all the firm aircraft, Air New Zealand will operate, by 2020, a total of 29 ATR 72-600s, the third largest fleet of ATR aircraft worldwide.

Air New Zealand’s ATR ‘-600’ fleet will progressively replace the ATR ‘-500s’, while strengthening the airline’s network and services across the country.

The 15 firm new ATR-600s are configured with 68 seats and feature the latest standards of passenger comfort, namely the larger overhead bins and the comfortable and lightweight seats of the new ATR ‘Armonia’ cabin.

Source: ATR Aircraft

Binter welcomes ATR 72-600

To those who visited the Spanish Canary Islands, the name Binter should ring a bell since its ATR aircraft can be constantly seen hopping around the various islands. The airline has been a faithful ATR aircraft user for many years and on Wednesday 16 September took delivery of its first of twelve ATR 72-600s ordered through two different contracts signed in 2014 and earlier this year.

With the introduction of these new ATR ‘-600s series’ aircraft the airline will progressively upgrade its current fleet, consisting of 16 ATR 72-500s. Binter, which is a long-standing ATR operator, has progressively developed its regional network over the Canary Islands with ATR aircraft since 1989.

The new ATR 72-600s, configured with 70 seats and equipped with the latest technologies in the fields of navigation aid tools and the highest standards of comfort for passengers, will enable Binter to upgrade its fleet to continue providing an optimal service in the inter-islands connections in the Canary Islands and in its international routes operated with this aircraft model (Madeira, Marrakech, Casablanaca, Agadir and El Aaioun).

Source: ATR Aircraft

Trigana ATR-42 crashed in Indonesia

A Trigana Air Services ATR-42 apparently crashed into a remote mountainous area in the Papua region of eastern Indonesia. The plane was missing for hours, but according to Indonesian authorities thanks to villagers it has now been found.

Authorities confirmed later that none of the 54 people on board – including five crew – survived the impact. Getting there is complicated, since the area reportedly can only be reached on foot or by helicopter. The plane was approaching Oksibil Airport, which is surrounded by steep hills making any landing somewhat of a challenge. The plane took off earlier from Jayapura Airport.

Trigana Air Services has been blacklisted by the European Union since 2007 for a lack of safety and safety quality implementation.

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Featured image: A Trigana Air Service ATR-42 at Labuan Bajo’s Komodo Airport, operating as a TransNusa flight in 2008 (Image (CC) YSSYguy)