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Trigana ATR-42 crashed in Indonesia

A Trigana Air Services ATR-42 apparently crashed into a remote mountainous area in the Papua region of eastern Indonesia. The plane was missing for hours, but according to Indonesian authorities thanks to villagers it has now been found.

Authorities confirmed later that none of the 54 people on board – including five crew – survived the impact. Getting there is complicated, since the area reportedly can only be reached on foot or by helicopter. The plane was approaching Oksibil Airport, which is surrounded by steep hills making any landing somewhat of a challenge. The plane took off earlier from Jayapura Airport.

Trigana Air Services has been blacklisted by the European Union since 2007 for a lack of safety and safety quality implementation.

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Featured image: A Trigana Air Service ATR-42 at Labuan Bajo’s Komodo Airport, operating as a TransNusa flight in 2008 (Image (CC) YSSYguy)

First ATR 42-600 in Japan

Japanese regional carrier Amakusa Airlines took delivery this week of a 48-seat ATR 42-600, the first of the type to start operations in Japan. For almost 15 years, the airline has been providing regular scheduled regional services connecting the city of Amakusa off the coast of mainland Kyushu in southwestern Japan to large cities such as Kumamoto, Fukuoka, and Osaka.

This new ATR 42-600 has been purchased from Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC), the industry’s largest turboprop lessor, headquartered in Denmark. It is equipped with the latest technologies in passenger comfort and navigation aid tools and features ATR’s newest Armonia cabin and full-glass cockpit avionics. With the introduction of this very first ATR aircraft in Japan, Amakusa will replace their current 39-seat turboprop, thus offering larger capacity and contributing to the development of tourism and to even better service for the local population.

Source: ATR Aircraft

Ohana by Hawaiian to expand with ATR 72

Hawaiian Airlines is expanding its inter-island shipping service – branded “Ohana by Hawaiian” and operated by Empire Airlines – with three ATR 72 turboprop aircraft in freighter configuration, the company announced on 21 July 2015.

The new aircraft will start flying from the first half of 2016, between Honolulu IAP and the airports of Kona, Kahului, Līhu’e and Hilo. Each aircraft can carry up to 18,000 pounds (8,164 kg) of cargo and will be able to handle five 88-by-108-inch aircraft pallets or up to seven LD3 containers, skidded cargo and oversized shipments.

Hawaiian’s Ohana brand already operates the ATR 42 configured in for the passenger role with 48 seats (see painting job video by Hawaiian Airlines up here). The livery of the new aircraft will be similar, created by Hilo-based artist Sig Zane and his son Kūha’o.

Ohana by Hawaiian was launched in March 2014. Hawaiian Airlines was the first US airline certified to ship cargo in 1942.

Source: Hawaiian Airlines
Featured image: ATR 42 of Ohana by Hawaiian (Image © Hawaiian Airlines)

Nice Monday for ATR at PAS15

The new week starts nicely for ATR Aircraft, one of the many companies present at the Paris Air Show 2015 (PAS15) at Le Bourget. A fresh Spanish order on 15 June 2015 and the 1,500 ATR aircraft delivered are nice milestones for the manufacturer of turboprop airliners.

Canary Islands airline Binter signed an agreement for six new ATR 72-600 aircraft, following their first batch for six ATR 72-600s in February 2014. The total orders for ATR aircraft are now at thirty.

Binter is modernizing its fleet and chooses the ATR 72-600s to be more fuel efficient, apart from having nicer planes of course. The Spanish company already flies 16 ATR 72-500s. Its first 600 version is expected to arrive later this year, with the final of 12 on order to be received in 2017.

The ATR 72-600 has a capacity of 68 to 78 seats. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney 127M engines, giving it a maximum of 2,750 horse power per engine at take-off. The range with a 100% seat occupation is 900 nautical miles (1,665 km).

Created in 1988, Binter starting operating its first ATR in 1989 on the Canarian inter-island network. The airline, originally owned by Spain’s flag carrier Iberia, was purchased in 2002 by a local group of entrepreneurs. Their 16 ATRs represent one of the largest fleet of ATR aircraft in Europe, and have transported more than 35 million passengers, not only in inter-archipelago operations, but also with direct flights to Morocco, Portugal’s island Madeira and Cape Verde.

The ATR 42-600 in Japan Air Commuter livery (Image © ATR Aircraft)
The ATR 42-600 in Japan Air Commuter livery (Image © ATR Aircraft)

Japan Air Commuter
Earlier on Monday Japan Air Commuter Co. – part of the JAL Group – singed a firm deal for 8 ATR 42-600s, plus 1 option and 14 purchase rights with a total value of 496 million dollar.
It marked the 1,500th aircraft sold by the European aircraft manufacturer and the first for ATR with a Japanese ariline.

The operations with JAC’s new 50-seat ATR 42-600s will start in 2017 with the remaining aircraft to be delivered over the next three years. With its brand new fleet, Japan Air Commuter will replace its current regional aircraft on its main routes as well as on operations to smaller islands of the country.

The ATR42-600 turboprop is equipped with a so-called glass cockpit with navigation technologies also available to the wide-body Airbus A380. The aircraft have a range of 800 nautical miles (1,483 km).

Founded in 1983, Japan Air Commuter is for 40% owned by 12 municipalities of the Amami Island of Kagoshima, Kyushu. Based in Kagoshima Airport, Japan Air Commuter operates 21 aircraft, 141 daily departures on 27 routes, and serves as the essential public air transport means for 1.8 million passengers annually between the Amami islands and Western Japan.

Source: ATR Aircraft
Featured image (top): The ATR 72-600 in Binter livery (Image © ATR Aircraft)

More ATR’s on lease

Danish based lease company Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) managed to place a number of ATR turboprop aircraft with customers in February 2015.

First out was a ATR 72-500 to Mistral. The Rome, Italy, based airline flies the aircraft for Alitalia.

Easyfly rented a ATR 42-500 from NAC, becoming a new customer. The Colombian airliner was known to be flying a dozen British Aerospace Jetstream 41s only, but we at Airheadsfly.com couldn’t get confirmed if this is the really the first aircraft of a new type for Easyfly.

Brazilian operator Passaredo Linhas Aéreas also became a new client of NAC, on 20 February, when it took delivery of a ATR 72-500, bringing the total Passaredo fleet to 11 ATR 72-500/600s. The Brazilian airliner has Dr. Leite Lopes Airport in Ribeirão Preto as its main hub.

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Featured image: The ATR 42-600 in company livery (Image © ATR Aircraft)