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Croatian Air Tractors prevent worse

The Croatian Air Force and Air Defence (Hrvatsko Ratno Zrakoplovstvo i Protuzračna Obrana) is very happy with their Air Tractor AT-802 Fire Bosses. By enrolling them into active patrols of fire risky areas they have proven to prevent worse.

An illustration of the effectiveness of the new working method – let the Air Tractors patrol with the heavier Canadair CL-415s on stand-by – presented itself on 3 August 2015. Scouting the area around Omis in the Split-Dalmatia area an Air Tractor pilot located a starting fire, started engaging it and requested immediate reinforcements which came in the form of two Canadairs. Moreover, a Croatian Air Force Mi-8MTV flew additional fire crews into the area.

In order to react faster the Croatians have put a single Canadair on stand-by in Dubrovnik since 22 July 2015, to help fighting fighters in the south of the country.

During the last five days the Air Tractors flew 13 patrol missions, locating nine wild fires. The Croatian Air Force began their own fire-fighting training in December 2014, at the 93. Air Force and Air Defence Base in Zemunik on a single Air Tractor AT-802 Fire Boss two-seater. Before that Spain provided the training.

The Fire Squadron (PPE) of the Croatian Air Force and Air Defence has a total of six Canadair CL-415s and 6 Air Tractor AT-802Fs (5 single-seaters, 1 two-seat).

Source: Croatian Ministry of Defence
Featured image: Croatian AT-802 Fire Bosses provide essential fire-fighting patrols in Croatian skies (Image © HRZ i PZO)

Israel’s privatised fire-fighting squadron grows

The Israeli Ministry of Defence is increasing its privatised airborne Elad fire-fighting squadron. Elbit Systems got an order for about 100 million US dollars on 5 January 2015 to procure six additional AirTractor AT-802Fs.

The new aircraft will join the eight earlier provided by Elbit, bringing the squadron to 14 aircraft in total. The contract, to be performed over an eight-year period, also covers flight hours, infrastructure upgrade, maintenance, airstrip operation, handling of fire retardants and other aspects of operating the squadron.

The AT-802Fs are capable of carrying approximately 792 US gallons (3,000 litres) of water and fly about three hours on a fuel tank. The aircraft will be flown by CHIM-NIR’s pilots, the project’s subcontractor.

The Elad firefighting squadron was founded four years ago following the Mount Carmel forest fire and is named after Elad Riben, the fire scout that was killed in this fire. Since its inauguration in 2011, the firefighting squadron has performed over 4,600 missions, accumulated over 2,500 flight hours and has helped extinguish over 500 potentially destructive fires across the country.

Source: Elbit Systems

The AT-802F in Israeli service (Image © Elbit Systems)
The AT-802F in Israeli service (Image © Elbit Systems)

Big fire-fighters at work in Australia

For the first time in history Australia uses big airtankers as part of its fire-fighting force. A Coulson C-130Q Hercules and a Conair RJ85AT have been dispatched in the beginning of December to Avalon Airport southwest of Melbourne in Victoria. The state currently combats hard to kill bushfires, as well does neighbouring South Australia at the Sampson Flat just northeast of the outskirts of Adelaide.

The new Coulson C-130Q in action (Image © CFA)
Featured image: the new Coulson C-130Q Airtanker in action (Image © CFA)
Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) issued yet another emergency warning on 5 January 2015, advising people near Balmoral to move out because of a “fast moving, out of control bushfire travelling in a northerly direction from the Black Range State Forest”. The fire reached the Mt. Talbot Reserve on Monday and the CFA warned that “privae properties could be impacted anytime within the next hour”.

Air Fleet
Being used to bushfires during the current Summer season Victoria already had an air fleet of 46 planes and helicopters. The contracted support from Canadian companies Coulson and Conair adds big capacity to that, with the Conair RJ85AT no. 162 being able to drop 3,300 US gallons (12,492 litres) of water or fire retardant at a speed of 120 knots. Fully loaded the Avro is able to shuttle back and forth at a cruise speed of 390 knots. The Coulson Hercules no. 131 can even drop 3,500 gallons (16,000 litres) of stuff onto the fire. Both aircraft debuted on 18 December, fighting the Creightons Creek fire, south of Euroa.

Already in December Victoria pre-positioned some of its choppers. Two Orange Erickson Aircranes were moved to Essendon and Ballarat. The Coulson contracted pair of Sikorsky S61s were moved to Colac and Mansfield.

The Conair Avro RJ85AT  striking a pose at Avalon (Image © CFA)
The Conair Avro RJ85AT striking a pose at Avalon (Image © CFA)
The Coulson C-130Q striking a pose at Avalon (Image © CFA)
The Coulson C-130Q striking a pose at Avalon (Image © CFA)

South Australia
The South Australia Country Fire Service (CFS) has 14 fixed-wing and four helicopters steadily contracted during the Summer season, but more are possible. Aerotech First Response supplies up to 10 Air Tractor AT-802s. Of the AT-802s six are based at Woodside, two at Port Lincoln and two based at Mt Gambier. They can drop 840 US gallons (3,200 litres) of water or fire retardant at a time. An Erickson Aircrane (Sikorsky S64E) is based in the Adelaide Hills. It can drop 1,980 US gallons (7,500 litres) of fluid.

Moreover the CFS uses several scout and observation planes. Aerotech 1st Response supplies South Australia with Cessna 208B Grand Caravan and two Cessna 182s. Lincoln Air Charter owns a third Cessna 182. Moreover, two Eurocopter AS350 Squirrels, with an Eurocopter EC130 being provided by MAC Helicopter Rescue Service.

© 2015 Airheadsfly.com editor Marcel Burger, based on source information provided by the CFA and CFS

The Aerotech Air Tractor AT-802, of which ten are available in South Australia (Image © CFS)
The Aerotech Air Tractor AT-802, of which ten are available in South Australia (Image © CFS)
The MAC EC130 (Image © CFS)
The MAC EC130 (Image © CFS)
The Conair Avro RJ85AT in action (Image © Conair)
The Conair Avro RJ85AT in action (Image © Conair)

Jordan arming its Air Tractors

The Air Tractor AT-802U (Image © Air Tractor)
The Air Tractor AT-802U (Image © Air Tractor)

The Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) is arming the six Air Tractor/Iomax AT-802 BPAs it got from the United Arab Emirates to upgrade them from just border patrol and reconnaissance to armed recon, counter-insurgency and close-air support aircraft. Before the end of the year the upgraded type will reach its operational capability status.

The AT-802s were originally made by Air Tractor for the agricultural business, but the type’s strong wings, good survivability, low-cost and easiness to operate have given it an interesting military role for air forces that face an interior low- to intermediate threat for which advanced fighter jets are just a bit to valuable and overdone to use. US Honeywell Aerospace company Iomax has made it its business to tailor the AT-802 for the combat role.

With the new modifications the RJAF AT-802s will be able to launch up to six AGM-114 Hellfire missiles as well as up to six GBU-58 250 lbs precision-guided bombs, each on its own pylon underneath the wing, making the aircraft a valuable asset. The sensors to guide the missiles to their targets will be in a casing on the belly of the aircraft.

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