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Saudia Arabia will build its own AN-132 aircraft

Saudi Arabia will start production of its own version of the Antonov AN-32 cargo aircraft / military airlifter, called the AN-132, both for military and civilian purposes. Sources in Kiev and Riyadh confirmed that a deal has been made.

Ukrainian Antonov will transfer the necessary technology and design property rights to the Kingdom, where Taqnia Aeronautics and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology will jointly produce the AN-132 from 2017 or 2018 on and forward.

Compared to Antonov’s own AN-32 the Taqnia/KACST AN-132 will feature Pratt & Whitney Canada aircraft engines, a Honeywell navigation suite and several other Western made avionics and components. Antonov is likely to send Ukrainian specialists to Saudi Arabia until the Kingdom is up to speed with things.

Some sources say during the first year of full production eight to twelve aircraft are planned, but we at Airheadsfly.com consider it quite likely that Taqnia/KACST will put together one to three prototypes first.

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Featured image: The AN-32 where the Saudi AN-132 will be base upon (Image © Antonov)

Russia will produce own military AN-140s

The Russian Aviacor aircraft manufacturing plant will start producing Russia’s own military Antonov AN-140s from the year 2017, the company director confirmed to Russian press agency RAI Novosti. Thereby the Russian Armed Forces will fly both AN-140s and IL-112Vs as short- and medium-haul tactical airlifters, since the Ilyushin design bureau already got an order for 60 IL-112Vs.

How many of the AN-140S (side door) and AN-140T (ramp) types will be produced by Aviacor has not been released. Aviacor currently already assembles AN-140-100s under license from Ukranian Antonov. Apparently the recent combined visit of a Ukranian-Russian delegation to Antonov included the signing of transfer of technology and production rights to Russia for the new military versions of the AN-140s.

The new Antonov aircraft – both produced in Ukraine and Russia – will replace AN-24s (NATO reporting name Coke), AN-26 (Curl), AN-30s (Clank), AN-32s (Cline) and the Yak-40 (Codling), Aviacor said in an October press release. Together with the IL-112V that is if one looks at the order of 60 to Ilyushin.

The current AN-140-100 is designed mainly for passenger transport and can accommodate up to 52 people. It has six-bladed propellers. By having the engines and propellers on a high-placed wing, the risk of damage on unpaved runways is limited.

The first flight of an in Russia assembled AN-140 was in August 2005. Aviacor (Samara Aviation Plant) produces the -100 version since 2006.

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Take-off of an AN-140-100 in Russian livery (Image © Aviacor)
Take-off of an AN-140-100 in Russian livery (Image © Aviacor)