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Airheadsfly.com is one of the few aviation related websites that breathes quality writing and photography. In doing so, we compete with well known aviation media outlets. We are only in our third year of existence, yet tens of thousands of readers from all around the world find their way to Airheadsfly.com already.

Who are we?
We are three journalists and writers with a combined experience in mainstream media and aviation of over 35 years. We know – and love – our stuff, combining the beauty of images with the power of the written word.

Who do we reach?
Monthly, Airheadsfly.com generates many tens of thousands of impressions from literally all over, our most loyal readers coming from Europe, Asia and the United States, with interest drawn also from Middle Eastern countries. Professionals and semi-professionals from both the civil and military aviation sectors read our pages. We are regarded as a reliable aviation news source.

What do we bring to your business?
We also offer a great platform for targeted advertising and promotional content for your organisation. We have lots and lots of experience in writing advertorials for a diversity of clients. Want us to help market your products? Get in touch!

Mail the editors at editors@airheadsfly.com

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Airheadsfly.com editor Marcel Burger (Image © Aafke Holwerda)
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