A Hellenic Air Force CL-215GR (Image © HAF)

Hellenic CL-215 fire-fighters escape death

The crew of a Hellenic Air Force Bombardier (Canadair) CL-215 are probably the luckiest men on earth at the moment, escaping with only minor injuries from the aircraft an emergency landing went bad.

Looking at the images, published here among other location, one cannot think anything other that the pilot and co-pilot escaped death with narrow margins.

355 MTM Squadron

The CL-215 was engaged in combating a large fire near the village of Stefani in the Dervenochória, only 7 mls (11 km) north of Elefsis Airbase near Athens, home to the CL-215’s 355 MTM Squadron as well as seven other squadrons and a major part of the military airlift fleet of Greece.

Engine fire

According to Hellenic Air Force officials the left engine of the aircraft caught fire around 11:00 on the morning of 26 June. Attempting a safe landing the lack of trust threw the plane rather hard onto the ground where it struck objects while going astray.

Flight time

Local media report the pilot had 850 hours of flight time on the CL-215, and the co-pilot 250 hours.

Greek fire-fighting aircraft

It is the third time in two years that one of the HAF’s fire-fighting aircraft is written off. In May 2015 a CL-415 crashed, followed by a CL-215 in July last year. That leaves a remaining fleet of 39 aircraft to combat wildfires: 11 CL-215s, 7 newer CL-415GR/MPs and 21 PZL M18B Dromader planes from Poland.

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Featured image: A Hellenic Air Force CL-215 (Image © HAF)