A Boeing (McDonnell Douglas) AH-64E Apache Guardian in action (Image © US Army)

Boeing gets to work on another 117 Apache Guardians

Boeing has bagged another Pentagon contract to remanufacture  117 Apache attack helicopters into the latest AH-64E Apache Guardian variant. The contract is worth close to 1 billion USD.

Boeing will perform the work in its facility in Mesa, Arizona, with an estimated completion date of 31 May 2018. Compared to earlier versions of the Apache, the AH-64E has full digital cockpit avionics, a more powerful engine that also makes the chopper go faster (155 knots vs 125 on the D-model), rotor blades that can sustain damage better, a larger range and a longer range.

The US State Departement in 2015 approved a Foreign Military Sales (FMS) to the UK concerning the remanufacture of 50 ‘D-model’ Apache to the newest variant.

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Featured image (top): The improved AH-64E Apache Guardian. (Image © US Army)