Computer generated impression of the AHRLAC (Image © Paramount Group)

Boeing and Paramount give AHRLAC teeth

Boeing and the Paramount Group, a South Africa-based global defense and aerospace business, announced this week, they will cooperate to develop an advanced mission system for  the Advanced, High Performance, Reconnaissance, Light Aircraft (called AHRLAC).

The AHRLAC, which first flew in the summer of 2014, is a high-wing, two-seat aircraft. It is designed to incorporate advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and weapons systems.

Light strike

Boeing will develop an integrated mission system for the aircraft enabling ISR and light strike missions for the AHRLAC safety & security, and military variants. It will be named Mwari.

Jeffrey Johnson, vice president, Business Development, Boeing Military Aircraft, said;  “Through AHRLAC, we’ll not only bring a flexible, persistent and affordable aircraft to the international market, but we’ll also be developing world-class technology in Africa.”

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Featured image: Computer generated impression of the AHRLAC (Image © Paramount Group)