Emirates now holds the world’s longest air route

For those who missed it last week, we did too. And of course, because the plane didn’t land anywhere, while crossing half the globe. Flying high, Emirates just finished the first flight of its regular service on what is now the world’s longest non-stop air route.

Flying from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to Auckland, New Zealand, one of the company’s many Airbus A380s opened the service. Covering 8,819 miles (14,193 km) the flight landed on 2 March 2016 after about 17 hours and 15 minutes in the air. Emirates now beats Australian Qantas, which provides a regular service between Dallas, Texas (USA), and Sydney, Australia. This second longest non-stop air route is ‘only’ 8,576 miles (13,802 km) and lasts about 16 hours and 55 minutes.

Beat the records

At the end of March Emirates adds another record to its increasingly impressive portfolio: the world’s longest non-stop air route time wise. It will be the Southwest Asian’s first service to Latin America and will bring passengers from Dubai to Panama City and vice versa in a planned 17 timer and 35 minutes – but could very well be close to 15 hours when the tailwinds are good. The biggest competition in the record business will come from Qatar, due to launch record challenging services from Qatar to Santiago (Chile) and Auckland (New Zealand) in 2016 that will beat others.

An Emirates Boeing 777 on final approach (Image © Marcel Burger)
An Emirates Boeing 777 on final approach (Image © Marcel Burger)

Boeing 777

The Airbus A380 used to open the longest non-stop route measured in distance was part of the show. Emirates will normally operate the Boeing 777-200LR on this line.

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Featured image (top): An Emirates A380 in flight (Image H. Goussé / e*m company © Airbus)