Final flight for prototype Boeing 727

Close to 53 years after its first flight, the very first Boeing 727 ever produced took to the sky for the final time on Wednesday 2 March. Place of departure:  Paine Field in Everett. Place of final landing: Boeing Field in Seattle. A short but significant hop, since the aircraft first underwent a lengthy restoration process first. Lasting 25 years, no less.

This particular 727 last flew in 1991, when it was donated to the Museum of Flight in Seattle by United Airlines. Since, the aircraft was subject of restoration by volunteer crews at the museum’s Restoration Center and Reserve Collection at Paine Field. From there, the aircraft took off at 10 am local time and was ferried the short distance to Boeing Field.

The aircraft first flew in 1963 and will now be put on permanent display in the Museum of Flight.

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