Two Japanese dual seat F-15DJ Eagles in one pic. Historic shot made at Nyutabaru Airbase, on 3 december 2002. (Image © Elmer van Hest)

Japan sends more F-15s to Okinawa

Japan this weekend said it has doubled the number of F-15 fighter jets in Okinawa. The move follows continued controversy with China about islands in the East China Sea. Tokyo several years ago already replaced ageing F-4 Phantoms in Okinawa with more capable F-15s.

The newest batch of F-15s moved to Okinawa from their homebase of Tsuiki. In all, Japan now has fourty F-15s deployed to Okinawa. The most southern island of Japan also sees prolonged use by the US, although the use of Futemna airbase is subject to juridical proceedings.

The US in January already sent a squadron of its most advanced F-22 Raptors to Yokota airbase near Tokyo. This move seems directed at China as well as North Korea. The latter recently tested a suspected hydrogen bomb.

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