Sanctions lifted: Iran buys 114 Airbus jets

In a move that was doing the rounds immediately after international sanctions against Iran were lifted recently, the country on Sunday 24 January confirmed it is buying 114 Airbus airliners to replace its current, dangerously tired fleet of commercial aircraft. The Airbus jets will be used buy Iran Air.

The deal will be signed on Wednesday during a visit to Paris by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian government confirmed.

Iran is looking for A320s and A340s, which is remarkably and a challenge by itself as the A340 is out of production. Teheran said the first aircraft are to be delivered in months, which could indicate the A340s are actually used aircraft. Iran states it is also looking at the A380 for long routes.

Fleet & spare parts

Right now, Iran Air used older A300, A310 and A320 aircraft, along with several Boeing 747-200s and a dozen or so Fokker 100s. Commercial aviation in Iran over the last two decades was known to be a dangerous undertaking due to lack of spare parts. Several deadly crashes have plagued the country. The order for new aircraft is therefore no surprise.

Iran is expected to need several hundred more airplanes to get its commercial fleet into shape.

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Featured image: Airbus A320s are mainly what Iran is looking for. (Image © Airbus)

2 thoughts on “Sanctions lifted: Iran buys 114 Airbus jets”

  1. Surely Airbus, must have a supply of pre-owned A340’s, that they took in part exchange for new planes, if not there must be several on the return to lessee market..

    1. There are indeed used A340s available, but they aren’t the most economic viable aircraft on the market.


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