Au revoir to Air France’s 747

Air France gave its final Boeing 747s a fitting farewell on Thursday 14 January by flying two aircraft all over France. For all of those on board there was a business class lunch with champagne, plus commentary during the flight explaining the Jumbo’s heritage, while overlooking France and its landmarks.

The final commercial flight ended on 10 January already, as the final Jumbo arrived back at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport after a round trip to Mexico City. Air France operated the Jumbo Jet for 45 years, taking delivery of its first double decked airliner in 1970. The Airbus A380 now takes over most routes.

The Air and Space Museum at Le Bourget offers special visits to the company’s last 747 on 16 and 17 January 2016. These visits, organized by Air France staff are free but must be reserved online. It involves a one-hour tour starting on the ramp outside the aircraft with mechanics, a visit to the business and economy cabins with cabin crew, followed by a visit of the upper deck and the cockpit with an Air France pilot.

© 2016 editor Elmer van Hest