The new armed MD530 for the Afghan National Army (Image © MD Helicopters)

Twelve more Cayuse Warrior Scouts for Afghanistan

Afghanistan has acquired twelve more MD 530F Cayuse Warrior Scout Attack Helicopters, MD Helicopters reported on Tuesday 11 January. The purchase follows an earlier order for twelve similar helicopters, the first of which arrived in Afghanistan early last year.

The first twelve armed helicopters were operational in theater in fewer than nine months from contract award and have participated in a number of successful operations. Afghanistan already operated five MD 530F helos before, operating them as primary training aircraft in Afghanistan. These choppers have since been upgraded to the Cayuse Warrior configuration.

The 12 new Cayuse Warrior Scout Attack helicopters will be delivered in the first half of 2016, MD Helicopters says.

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Featured image: An armed MD530 for the Afghan Air Force (Image © MD Helicopters)