The naval Surion helicopter (Image © KAI)

Naval Surion helo successful in South Korea

The naval variant of South Korea’s multi-purpose  Surion helicopter has been succesfully tested, manufacturer Korea Aeropsace Industries (KAI) reported on Tuesday 29 December. The new variant is destined to serve with South Korean marine forces.

KAI claims development of the naval variant of the Korean Utility Helicopter was successful, having been in development and testing since 2013. An initial version of the Surion helicopter already flies for police forces in South Korea. The naval version adds two fuel tanks, emergency floats and a folding system for the rotor blades.

Medevac and fire fighting version of the Surion are also on the table. Deliveries of those should start in 2016 and 2017 respectively.


KAI aims at selling 400 Surion helicopters locally and 600 abroad over the next 20 years. The company specifically mentions the Czech Republic, Iran and Thailand as potential customers.

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Featured image: The naval Surion helicopter (Image © KAI)