A Germanwings A320 taking off (Image (CC) Sebaso)

The year 2015: aviation news at Airheadsfly.com

The year 2015 was filled with, as history and aviation would have it, up ands downs in both civil and military aviation. Despite the ‘downs’, 2015 will end up as one of the safest years in aviation ever. Here are some of our best read news items over the last twelve months. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more in 2016. A lot more, in fact.

Major Greek F-16 crash during TLP exercise

Brunei gives four Black Hawks as present to Malaysia

Germanwings A320 crashed in the Alps

Finnish Hornets: “To be replaced by Gripen or Rafale”

Four dead in Airbus A400M crash Sevilla

Hungarian Gripen crash Czech Republic

Paris Air Show is ready. But for what?

Australia drops F-35B jump jet plans

The Raptors have landed, in Germany

Dutch air force testing F-35/F-16 integration

First flight of Italian-built F-35

Italian built Eurofighter Typhoons for Kuwait

Northrop Grumman to build new US bomber

Russian Airbus A321 crashes in Egypt

Turkey downs Russian strike aircraft over border Syria

Ukraine sells 30 AN-178 airlifters to Saudi Arabia

Belgium aims for ’34 new fighter jets’

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