The MRJ during its first flight last November.

Mitsubishi MRJ delayed by a year

Development and testing of the Mitsubishi Regional Jet (MRJ) has been delayed by a year. That is the result of a complete reschedule of the program following the first flight on 11 November this year. The flight was succesful, but Mitsubishi states it has ‘recognized several issues’.

In order to tackle these issues and address the perspectives below, the company reviewed and revised its overall schedule. Delivery of the first MRJ to Japanese airline ANA is now scheduled for 2018 instead of 2017.

Mitsubishi claims it  needs more time to complete a better-integrated aircraft, which includes testing in the US. Suppliers have been notified of the revised delivery schedule.


The news from Japan will be met with smiles by competitors like Bombardier – which recently saw its CS100 certified after earlier delays – and Embraer, which is due to present its new medium-range twin-engine E2 series in February.

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Featured image (top): Take off for the first MRJ. (Image © Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation)