Germany wants Open Skies Airbus A319

Germany is seeking to convert a used Airbus A319 corporate jet into an Open Skies aircraft, according to a tender issued this week. The jet should be ready in 2018 at a total cost of 60 million EUR and will operate alongside Germany’s fleet of A319 VIP aircraft and probably be based in Cologne.

The German Bundeswehr for years and years did not have the appropriate aircraft for fulfilling the 1992 Open Skies treaty and was forced to hire this capability elsewhere. The fact that Germany now wants its own capability is no surprise given the current international turmoil and the recent behaviour of Russia on the international stage in particular.

Until 1997, the German Air Force did have an aircraft suited for the Open Skies mission, being a former East German Air Force Tupolev Tu-154. This aircraft was lost however on 13 September 1997 when it collided at altitude with a US Air Force C-141 Starlifter off the coast of Namibia.

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