Boeing delivered the first two of seven CH-47F Chinooks to the Australian Army at a ceremony in Queensland. The remaining aircraft will be delivered throughout 2015. (Image © Boeing)

Australia to place follow-on Chinook order

Australia is set to place a follow-on order for the Boeing CH-47F Chinook. Three more of the heavy-lift helicopters are about to make their way to the Royal Australian Army, joining the seven already in service.

The US State Department notified the US Congress of the planned military sale worth US$180 million. The choppers will be equipped with the Common Missile Warning Systems (CMWS), Honeywell H-764 gps/nav systems, infrared signature suppression systems and more standard systems. Pilots enjoy a full digital cockpit.

Chinook operations

The Chinooks can carry 33 fully-equipped troops, besides the standard crew of four (2 pilots, loadmaster, air crew) over a maximum range of 372 miles (600 km) at speeds up to 170 knots (315 km/h or 195 mph).

All Chinooks are flown by the Australian Army’s 5th Aviation Regiment, 16th Aviation Brigade, from RAAF Townsville in northern Queensland, Australia. The airfield is situated a few miles north of the Lavarack Barracks, a major Australian Army ground units base.

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Featured image: A Royal Australian Army CH-47F Chinook (Image © Boeing)