An Austrian Airlines Fokker 70. (Image © Austrian Airlines)

Fokkers from Austria to Australia

Austrian Airlines has sold its entire fleet of 15 Fokker 100 and six Fokker 70 aircraft to Alliance Aviation Services Limited in Australia, making that company the largest operator of both types. In Austria, Embraer 195 jets will take the place of the Fokkers starting next January, rejuvenating the airline’s mediumhaul fleet.

The transaction is valued at 15 million USD and includes an issue of new shares in Alliance and a cash component. Austrian Airlines will gradually terminate its use of the Fokker jets and deliver them to Alliance Aviation over the next two years. Deployment of the Embraer aircraft will take place simultaneously.


The Embraer jets are not new and have an average age of four years, compared to the average age of about 21 years of the Fokker fleet. “The replacement of the Fokker fleet with Embraer aircraft will serve to significantly rejuvenate our fleet and offer Austrian Airlines better unit costs”, explains Austrian Airlines CEO Kay Kratky.

Alliance Aviation already operates 15 Fokker 100 and eight Fokker 70 aircraft and says it will be the largest global operator of these types of aircraft. The company operates bases in Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland.

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An Austrian Airlines Fokker 70. (Image © Austrian Airlines)
An Austrian Airlines Fokker 70. (Image © Austrian Airlines)