Take-off for a French Mirage 2000D deployed to fight ISIS / Daech. Notice the recon pod and missiles underneath (Image © Ministère de la Défense)

French jets respond to Paris attacks

French Air Force fighter aircaft carried out strike mission over Raqqa in Syria on Sunday, the ministry of Defense in Paris reports. The air strikes are a clear response to the attacks that killed 132 people in the French capital on Friday.

Since September 2014 and under code name Operation Chammal, French Air Force military aircraft have participated in the allied campaign against Islamic State forces. Dassault Rafale multi role fighter aircraft and Mirage 2000D strike aircraft saw use before. Soon after Friday’s attacks in Paris, the French government stated it would ‘respond appropriately’.

On Sunday, the French jets dropped over twenty bombs on the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa. The flights originated from airfields in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Jordan. The strike was carried out in cooperation with US forces.

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Featured image: A French Mirage 2000D takes off from a base in Jordan (Image © Ministère de la Défense)