Russian Airbus A321 crashes in Egypt

An Airbus A321 belonging to Russian airline Kogalymavia/Metrojet has crashed in the Sinaï desert in Egypt on Saturday 31 October. Over 100 bodies have already been recovered from the wreckage. Local authorities say all 224 persons on board lost their lives. The aircaft took off from Sharm-el-Sheikh 23 minutes before the crash and was heading to Sint-Petersburg with flight number #7K926.

The cause of the crash is still unknown. According to, vertical speed reached 600 ft per minute prior to loss of contact. Noteworthy is that terrorist groups are known to operate in the area where the plane went down.

One of the aircraft black boxes was found several hours after the crash. Meanwhile, Russia has opened up a criminal investigation and Russian president Vladimir Putin expressed his condolances to the families of the victims.

Metrojet operates five A321s and last June signed a deal for four more. Airbus says the accident airrcaft was produced in 1997 and since 2012 operated by Metrojet. The aircraft had accumulated some 56000 flight hours in nearly 21000 flights. It was powered by IAE-V2500 engines.

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Featured image: A Metrojet Airbus A321. (Image © Metrojet)