An Egyptian Air Force F-16D (Image © US DoD)

Egypt receives new quartet F-16 jets

The Egyptian Air Force received another four Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon jets on 29 October 2015. Flown by US Air Force pilots the four multi-role fighters landed on Cairo West Air Base after a 14 hour flight.

The Block 52 version aircraft are part of the dozen F-16C and D aircraft that Egypt ordered under the Peace Vector program, but that were withheld after the Egyptian military took over power in the North African country and pressed down hard on its protesting people. Continuation of the delivery was announced in Spring this year, when Washington changed its political stand.

US military and civilian personnel will provide follow-on maintenance and training for the Egyptian Air Force pilots and ground crews, the US Embassy in Cairo noted in a statement, “as part of the program that provided F-16s to Egypt for the last 30 years”.

The Egyptian Air Force’s substantial F-16 fleet will soon have 240 aircraft of Block 42 standard and higher. Older A and B models have been upgraded. Newer C and D versions are the most numerous.

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Featured image: An F-16D Fighting Falcon of the Egyptian Air Force (Image © US DoD)

One thought on “Egypt receives new quartet F-16 jets”

  1. USA nowadays sells “tainted” F-16s. Most components and avionics are sealed and the US finds out whenever any seal is removed.

    A few years ago, one of Turkiye’s F-16s crashed and they laid out all the debris on tables and found out how components inside seals passed detailed info on location, weapons, mission, etc.

    It would be naive to think Egypt would be able to use these F-16s against “all potential foes”, and can only be used for things America and Israel are okay with.

    Turkey is diversifying by going for partnerships with South Korea. Pakistan’s developed the JF-17 with China(based on the Soviet MiG-33 design, the cancelled project which was meant to be USSR’s F-16), and newer JF-17 blocks seem pretty evenly matched against Pak’s F-16s(China and Russia have expressed interest in bidding for AESA radars which would be a fundamental game-changer).

    Even Malaysia diversified and went for SU-30MKMs as well as US-origin aircraft. It’s in Egypt’s interests to aim for an East-West balance, to maintain their freedom of action.

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