Royal Danish Air Force F-16AM from Esk 727 with serial E-599 taking off (Image © Marcel Burger)

Danish F-16 crashed in North Sea, pilot OK

UPDATED | A Lockheed Martin (General Dynamics) F-16AM fighting Falcon of the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) crashed in the North Sea near the Danish island of Rømø around 14:30 local time on Tuesday 27 October 2015. The pilot ejected OK and has been rescued by Danish military search-and-rescue helicopter.

The Danish Ministry of Defence says in a short statement they are currently collecting more information on the incident and officially do not know yet what caused the crash of the fighter jet from Skrydstrup Airbase. The male pilot is said to have ejected out of the aircraft in a “controlled” manner, after the pilot discovered a malfunction with the front landing gear. After circling around for an hour and in contact with air traffic control the fighter jock saw no other possibility than to ejectd. The pilot was fished out of the sea “immediately” by the SAR chopper and brought back to Skrydstrup Airbase.

The Danish Accident Investigation Board has already started its investigation in cooperation with the Danish armed forces.

Before today’s crash the RDAF had 17 F-16AM single-seaters and 13 F-16BM dual-seat multi-role fighters on strength. All operated out of Skrydstrup, which is the country’s only remaining combat air base.

Source: Forsvaret Danmark
Featured image: Royal Danish Air Force F-16AM (Image © Marcel Burger)