Swiss Hornet crashes in France

UPDATE 18 October 2015 | A Swiss Air Force Boeing F/A-18D Hornet crashed on Wednesday 14 October in the French area of Glamondans dans le Doubs, just over the Swiss border. The pilot ejected from his aircraft and was brought to a hospital in ok condition. The crash happened in the morning and Swiss authorities confirmed the accident in a statement on Wednesday afternoon.

Update 18 October | The Swiss Air Force has temporarily put limits on high angle of attack manoeuvres following the crash

The pilot took off from Payerne airbase in Switzerland, not far from where the crash occured. The aircraft was involved in a training exercise with two Swiss F-5 Tigers when things went wrong. The cause is under investigation.

The last crash with a Swiss Air Force F-18 happened just two years ago, when another F/A-18D two seater crashed near Alpnach in central Switzerland, killing the two crew members. Pilot error was found to be the cause of that crash.

In total, three out of 34 Swiss Hornets crashed over the years. Remarkably, all three were F/A-18Ds, leaving two seater Hornets in short supply in Switzerland. Only five are now left in service.

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Featured image: Switzerland now has only five of these F/A-18Ds left. (Image © Elmer van Hest)

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