Germany suspends Eurofighter deliveries

Germany has suspended deliveries of new Eurofighter Typhoons over a production flaw concerning all Typhoons delivered so far. Drilling in parts connecting the vertical tail to the fuselage was not done according to specs. While flight safety is not at risk, the existing fleet of Typhoon is closely monitored.

Germany press revealed the suspension of deliveries on Monday 12 October, citing confidential reports. The Germany Bundeswehr has since confirmed the news, and also Eurofighter has acknowledged the issue. Experts are currently looking into the problem. A similar defect was found in the Typhoon’s wing in 2014

Other Eurofighter partners Spain, Italy and the UK have not responded to the German findings.

© 2015 editor Elmer van Hest
Featured image: A German Typhoon. (Image © LAF Airbase)