‘Italian Tornados start bombing missions’

Italian Air Force Tornado bombers are to start actual bombing mission over Iraq soon, according to reports in Italy. The jets were already involved in the campaign against Islamic State but only in the recce and target designation role. The aircraft operate from Kuwait. Government sources in Rome however later on Tuesday said the bombing missions are ‘just an hypothesis’.

Tornado jets left Italy for Kuwait already in November 2014. They since flew many missions over Iraq in the recce role, but did not drop any bombs. This will change as early as this week, sources say. The Italian military work closely with other allies during sorties over Iraq. Mission over Syria are currently not considered.

An Italian Air Force Boeing KC-767 tanker aircraft also already took part in the campaign, along with Predator drones.

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Featured image: An Italian Torndao fighter bomber. (Image © Dennis Spronk)