One of the two Rafales taking part in the first air strike on ISIL / Groupe Daesh taxiing for take-off on Al Dhafra Airbase, United Arab Emirates (Image © Armée de l'Air)

First French air strike targets Syria

France has executed its first air strike against positions of the so-called Islamic State forces (ISIS / ISIL / Daech) in Syria, French president Francois Hollande announced on the morning of Sunday 27 September 2015. Five Dassault Rafale jet were involved, plus one C-135 tanker and one Atlantique 2 intelligence aircaft.

The air strike was done after French aircraft had made several reconnaissance flight of Syria during the past week.

Since 2014 French air force and navy aircraft have been involved in operations against ISIS, but until September focused on Iraq only. Initially the French contingency only operated from the United Arab Emirates, Al Dhafra Airbase, since September 2014. When the contribution of Mirage 2000Ds was announced in Mid-November, they were positioned on an airbase in Jordan.

The French name for the entire contribution to Operation Inherent Resolve is opration Chammal.

© 2015 editor Marcel Burger
Featured image: Take-off for a French Mirage 2000D deployed to fight ISIS / Daech (Image © Ministère de la Défense