Czech Gripen pilots: 20,000 hours in the air

Czech Air Force Saab Gripen pilots this weekend honored their combined total of 20,000 flight hours on the Saab JAS39 Gripen. The milestone was celebrated during the Ostrava NATO Days airshow. The flight hours were accumulated during ten years of flying the Gripen. Back then, the Czechs were the first to trade their Soviet style MiGS for Western style fighter aircraft.

Saab’s Deputy CEO Lennart Sindhal presented a commemorative glass plaque to the 211. taktické letky (tactical squadron) to mark its 20,000 Gripen flight hours and successful operational deployments within NATO. Recent deployments to Iceland were also recognised. The award was accepted by Colonel Petr Hromek, commander of the 21st Air Force Base, Čáslav.

The Czechs were alread known to be the most extensive user of Saab’s fighter aircraft. Their Gripens fly more hours than even their Swedish coounterparts. The Czech Air Force Saab Gripen fleet is fourteen strong, including twelve single seat C-models and two two seater D-models.

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Featured image (top): A Gripen over Czech country side. (Image © Martin Král)