Concorde at Kansai International Airport in 1994 (Image (CC) Spaceaero2)

Daring plan: Concorde back in the air

UPDATE 21 September | There is a crazy plan to put Concorde back in the air, 40 years after the introduction into service and a dozen years after the final flight of the supersonic passenger jet.

UPDATE In a response to the effort of returning a Concorde back into the skies, the Frech Musée de l’ Air et de l’ Espace has stated its two preserved Concordes are ‘not for sale’.

A group of enthousiasts united in the so-called Concorde Club – and which apparently includes former Concorde pilots – are aiming to not only bring one of the aircraft now at Paris-Orly to London as a tourist attraction and restaurant, but also to let the fast lady enjoy the beautiful yonder again.

The idea is to rent a Concorde with crew and to charter travellers and businesses who like to enjoy luxury and speed, for example to special events around the world and make it back home again for diner with husband or wife. The Concord Club hopes to have a plane airworthy again by 2019, 50 years after the aircraft’s first flight.

Whether Concorde will spread its wings again will be mostly a question of a lot of money. Time will tell, but we at do like the idea.

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Featured image: Concorde at Kansai International Airport in 1994 (Image (CC) Spaceaero2)