New chopper for Argentine Coast Guard

On Wednesday 16 September, Airbus Helicopters officially handed over the first H225 helicopter for the Argentine Coast Guard. According to Argentinian authorities, the new chopper offers increased effectiveness when it comes to saving lives at sea.

The delivery of the Argentine H225, which will be based in the city of Mar del Plata and used for search and rescue missions in the Argentinian sea, marks the start of the renewal process for the Coast Guard’s fleet of SA330 Puma helicopters. The H225 is capable of transporting up to 21 passenger – 2 more than competitors of a similar size – while flying as far as 650 nautical miles on a tank of fuel, a range that’s 223 miles farther than other similarly sized rotorcraft.

Source: Airbus Helicopters
Featured image: The Argentine H225 in flight. (Image © Airbus Helicopter / Anthony Pecchi)