Rafale jets were recently delivered to Egypt. (Image © Anthony Pecchi / Dassault)

Rafale: progress in Asia

Dassault’s Rafale is making some progress in Asia if recent news reports are anything to go by. The French airplane manufacturer has offered the 4.5th generation fighter jet to Malaysia as a replacement for MiG-29 Fulcrums, while negotiations for the purchase of 36 Rafales by India are said to be nearly complete.

Malaysia earlier this year said it keeps it MiG-29s flying for longer, but the French offer seems to be aimed at changing the minds in Kuala Lumpur. However, it could also be aimed a giving the final push for the Indian deal. In April this year, India announced it would buy 36 Rafales ‘in fly-away condition’, but negotiations have since been a struggle. Talks are now said to be in the final stages, although it has to be said a lot of misinformation has surrounded the Indian Rafale deal from the very start.

Indian intentions of buying even more Rafales were earlier this year reported as ‘of the table’.

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Featured image: Dassault did deliver the first rafales to Egypt recently. (Image © Dassault)

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  1. Dream on France, Malaysia is keeping it’s Fulcrums so don’t waste your breath.

        1. Other than the coolness factor: none;-) Dassault is marketing Rafale to probably influence potential sales elsewhere.

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