A pair of Russian Kamom Ka-52 Alligators (Image © Russian Helicopters)

‘Hokum-B attack choppers for Egypt’

UPDATED | Egypt is thought to have signed up for close to 50 Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopters, sources say on Thursday 27 August. The news was actually leaked by a company that produces the electro-optic sensors for the Ka-52, saying 50 of such systems are to be delivered to Egypt from 2016 onwards.

The Ka-52 is codenamed ‘Hokum-B’ by NATO and is the Russian counterpart of the Boeing AH-64D Apache, which incidentally is also operated by Egypt. The Hokum-B is already in service with the Russian armed forces.

Russian state export company Rosoboronexport later denied that a Ka-52 deal was made with Egypt, but didn’t seem to entirely rule out such a weapon shipment in the future either.

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Featured image: A pair of Russian Kamov Ka-52s. (Image © Russian Helicopters)