Archive photo of the Grasshoppers Amateur Display Team (Image © Grasshoppers EDTG)

GrassHoppers in fatal airshow mid-air collission Switzerland

It’s a bad weekend for the aviation world. A day after the fatal crash of a Hawker Hunter in England, the GrassHoppers Display team from Germany got into a mid-air collission during the Dittinger Airshow in Switzerland, killing one of the pilots.

During Sunday’s display one of planes of the 3-ship formation came down onto one of the other aircraft in the formation, while in mid-air. The pilot of one of the Ikarus C42 aircraft managed to jump and safe himself using his parachute, while the other aircraft crashed to the ground with the pilot still in it.

Images of the collission quickly spread through social media

The airshow – which would see a mixture of civilian and military aircraft doing aerobatics and fly-bys – was subsequently cancelled after a minute of silence asked for by the organizers. The accident occurred around 11:00 local time.

With about 1,200 aircraft produced, the Ikarus C42 is a relatively popular two-seat, fixed gear, light airplane – developed by Comco Ikarus of Germany. It’s is mainly used by amateur pilots, for flight training and for giving tourists a nice view from the air. The Ikarus is easy to maintain and with a unit price of between 40,000 and 65,000 dollar a very affordable aircraft.

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Featured image: Archive photo of the GrassHoppers Amateur Display Team (Image © GrassHoppers EDTG)