Archive photo of the Mil Mi-35M (Image © Russian Helicopters)

Pakistan orders new Mi-35 attack choppers

Pakistan buys four Russian Helicopters (Mil) Mi-35M (“Hind”) attack helicopters, the Russian Embassy in Islamabad announced on Thursday 20 August 2015. It could mark a ground-breaking sale ebbing the way for more Hinds or other Russian made armed rotary wing.

The Pakistan Army will feature an interesting mix of American, French, Chinese and Russian made attack helicopters. Islamabad was already looking forward to boosts its possibilities to combat armed groups in the west of the country and now might have found a solution in the thoroughly tested and battle proved Hind – as the popular NATO-reporting name for both the older Mi-24 and its new export version Mi-35 goes.

Currently the Pakistan Army attack helicopter fleet consists of 51 aging Bell AH-1F/S Cobras delivered between 1984 and 2013 (8 ex-Jordanian machines). From China up to CAIC Z-10 (WZ-10) attack helicopters have been ordered, with the fleet strength planned to reach 5 machines by the end of 2015. Moreover 10 Airbus Helicopters AS550 C3 Fennec armed scout helicopters have been bought in France, but the current state of that delivery is unknown to us at this time.

© 2015 editor Marcel Burger
Featured image: Archive photo of the Mil Mi-35M (Image © Russian Helicopters)