A Dreamliner in Qantas livery (Image © Boeing)

Dreamliners for Qantas

Australian airline Qantas is set to acquire eight Boeing 787-9s Dreamliners to gradually replace five of its older Boeing 747s on international routes. Four B787-9s will arrive in financial year 2018 and four will arrive in financial year 2019. This leaves Qantas with its six youngest reconfigured 747s.

The addition of the Dreamliner open up a range of potential new destinations, Qantas says. Announcing the decision after a rigorous assessment process, Qantas confirmed it had met the strict conditions for re-investment in a new long haul fleet type. “We have looked closely at every aspect of the Dreamliner and it’s the right aircraft for Qantas’ future”, the company’s chief executive Alan Joyce said.

Qantas retains 15 further options and 30 purchase rights for additional B787s, with significant flexibility over the timing of delivery should they be exercised. The airline will work with a team of internal experts and external designers to develop ‘leading’ cabin interiors for the new Dreamliner. This will add to the aircraft’s unique features, including improved cabin pressure, larger windows and technology to reduce turbulence.

Source: Qantas
Featured image: A Dreamliner in Qantas livery (Image © Boeing)