The Dornier 228 New Generation in flight through beautiful mountainous terrain (Image © RUAG)

Dornier new star for the Channel Islands

Aurigny Air Services – the regional carrier of the British Channel Islands Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney – will have a new star in the fleet. Starting operations by the end of the year is a Dornier 228 NG, with another NG and a classic Do-228 to follow.

The aircraft are provided by Swiss based RUAG Aviation – that markets and manufactures the aircraft from the Claude Dornier legacy in Europe. The new order is a first new success, ahead of the low-rate production restart announced in June.

The bulk of Aurigny’s fleet comprises Embraer E-195, ATR-72-200/500 and 15-seater Brittan Norman Trilanders, which, after 40 years in operation, are reaching the end of their service life. The customer decided last year to replace the ageing aircraft with three Dornier 228, two of which will be New Generation models and one Dornier 228 classic. Aurigny opted for the Dornier 228 solution based on the aircraft’s flexibility and the nice cruise speed of 234 knots. As an interim solution, Aurigny is using two refurbished Dornier 228, but will be one of the first customers to benefit from RUAG’s serial production of the Dornier 228.

Aurigny will fly the new Dornier 228s in a 19-seater passenger configuration, and is also looking into the aircraft’s cargo capabilities as well as its potential for medical services. The airliner started operations in 1968 and employs 290 personnel services the 9th million passenger in the beginning in 2015. Aurigny flies between the airports of the three British English Channel Islands to and from locations in France and England.

Source: RUAG Aviation with additional reporting by editor Marcel Burger
Featured image: The Dornier 228 New Generation in flight (Image © RUAG)