The civilian original of the Antonov An-140-100 (Image © Antonov)

AN-140 production ends, in Russia

Russia has stopped production of the AN-140, which was a joint project between Ukrainian Antonov and Russian Aviacor, based in Samara. The Russia initiated military operations against the Ukrainian military in the Crimean peninsula and in Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Ukraine have practically killed the supply of necessary production material from Ukraine.

Earlier Moscow seemed hopeful to continue production of the AN-140. So far only 33 AN-140s have been produced, with three more aicraft reportedly almost ready at the Aviacor plant but with not enough material to make it to their first flights. Aviacor lately delivered two AN-140s to the Russian military, but was unable to fulfill the latest full order of six. The Russian forces reportedly got at least between 10 and 14 AN-140s in 2013 and 2014.

A civilian version with 52 seats was ordered by Yakutia Airlines, with at least four out of eight delivered. In Ukraine six AN-140s are known to be operational (3 with Antonov, 3 with Motor Sich and 2 with the Illich-Avia company) with no new orders in sight. Five AN-140s crashed in service, of which the last two in Iran locally produced for HESA Airlines.

© 2015 editor Marcel Burger
Featured image: The civilian original of the Antonov An-140-100 (Image © Antonov)