A Slovak Air Force Mi-17 (Image © Marcel Burger)

Crash Slovak Mi-17 grounds fleet

A Slovak Air Force Mil Mi-17 (“Hip”) crashed near the village of Hradisko in the Prešov district in the east of the country on 28 July 2015, killing one crew member and wounding two others.

According to statements by the Slovak Ministry of Defence the Mi-17 took off from Presov (Prešov) at 13:30 local time for a routine training mission. Contact with the tactical transport helicopter was lost roughly half an hour later.

The crashed choppper was either a Mi-17M from 2. Transport Helicopter Squadron (2. Dopravná vrtuľníková letka) or a Mi-17LZPS (pictured above) from the 1st Training and SAR Squadron (1. Výcviková a LPZS letka). The two units make up the Helicopter Wing (Vrtuľníkové krídlo) of the Armed Forces of Slovakia and are based at Presov.

Pending an initial investigation of the crash all nine remaining Mi-17s of the Slovak Air Force are grounded. The crashed Mi-17 was produced in 1985, but had its mid-life overhaul in 2011. Any indications of why the helo crashed, which happened while landing in so-called unfamiliar terrain, have not been given.

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Featured image: A Slovak Air Force Mil Mi-17 (Image © Marcel Burger)