Brand new Globemaster for RAAF

The seventh C-17A Globemaster III aircraft for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) arrived in Australia at Amberley airbase on Wednesday 29 July, marking the fastest delivery in Australia’s C-17 fleet.

The government Down Under announced the acquisition of two additional C-17A aircraft – on top of six already in use – only last April. Total cost for the two transporters and associated equipment is 730 million USD. The eighth C-17A is planned to arrive at Amberley later this year.

Chief of Air Force Air Marshal Leo Davies, AO, CSC said the acquisition of two additional C-17A aircraft will increase the Australian Defence Force’s capacity to provide vital community and humanitarian assistance.. “The C-17A fleet has been integral to recent operations including the rapid deployment of Australian forces in support of the Iraq Government , assistance in the Queensland floods, and the recovery of MH17 victims from Eastern Ukraine.”

(Image © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence)
(Image © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence)

“Under Plan Jericho, the RAAF is dedicated to developing a networked, future joint force that can respond across the spectrum – from combat to humanitarian support. An additional two C-17A aircraft will help us achieve that,” Air Marshal Davies said.

The two Globemasters delivered this year, are among the final C-17 produced by Boeing in Long Beach, California. Following Qatar’s purchase of four C-17s last month, only one Globemaster remains for sale.

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Featured image (top):  The RAAF’s seventh C-17 arrives Down Under. (Image © Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Defence )