Royal Danish Air Force F-16AM from Esk 727 with serial E-599 taking off (Image © Marcel Burger)

Mechanics Danish Air Force: ‘Stop F-16 ops against ISIS’

“Do not continue with the Danish F-16 detachment to the international Operation Inherent Resolve to fight ISIS, end the mission in October.” This clear message comes from the mechanics that struggle to keep the Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) fighter jets in the air.

A Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 being refueled by a Royal Canadian Air Force CC-150 Polaris during Operation Inherent Resolve on 2 February 2015. (Image © Canadian Forces Combat Camera, DND) Overview:
Air Assets deployed against ISIS

Fourteen aircraft mechanics from the RDAF (Flyvevåbnet) Fighter Wing at Skrydstrup wrote their request in a letter to Danis prime minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen; the contents have been published first by Danish national newspaper Berlingske.

The mechanics say the work load is to high, with the (low) number of qualified personnel not matching the operational demands. That means more tours to be done by the same people and not enough time in between the deployments of individual mechanics.

The letter from the RDAF’s own personnel could cause a shift in the parliamentary backing of a continuation of the Danish F-16 deployment later this year. So far one of the policital parties (DF with 20 percent of the seats) is opting for withdrawing its support to Danish F-16 involvement to bomb so-called Islamic State forces in Iraq.

Seven RDAF F-16s (4 operational, 3 in reserve) operate from Ahmed Al Jaber Airbase in Kuwait, where they arrived in October 2014. The latest mission update shows that they flew 10 operational missions in the past week, using 15 bombs.

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Featured image: A Royal Danish Air Force F-16AM taking off (Image © Marcel Burger)