Big FedEx order gives Boeing 767 new hope

FedEx is putting new life into the Boeing 767, by ordering fifty new aircraft for more than 10 billion dollar. The largest order of the type ever was confirmed both by Boeing and FedEx on Wednesday 22 July, after Bloomberg initially broke the news.

The deal is great news for Boeing, which is having much trouble getting its militarized tanker version of the same 767 built at the same plant in Everett, Washington, ready for usage. With an option for another 50 aircraft plus an earlier order included FedEx account now awaits between 105 to 155 new 767s.

The first 767-300F was delivered to FedEx in September 2013, to start renewing the fleet of 70 Boeing 757s, MD-10s, MD-11s and some Boeing 777s. The freighter can carry approximately 58 tons of cargo with intercontinental range. The 767 Freighter is used on long-haul, regional or so-called feeder markets.

Sources: Boeing / FedEx
Featured image: Computer rendering of the FedEx Boeing 767 (Image © Boeing)